Lincolnshire newborn lockdown shoot

March 10, 2021

My first Lincolnshire newborn lockdown shoot. The day we were allowed two households to mix outdoors was this day (I think it was Ivy’s 5th day earthside). The sun was shining, but the wind was blowing which didn’t really float Ivy’s boat (I mean, whose boat does it float??) So a little unhappy with shooting in the garden, but with us not being allowed to mix indoors we ended up in the Moulds family greenhouse! Yep, my first newborn greenhouse shoot too!

Ivy was much more settled in the greenhouse. The sun making it warm enough for her little toes to peak out, beside her the soil from daddy’s potting. An absolute pleasure to capture these moments as a family. If you’re wanting a newborn mini session outdoors please do get in touch. Right now, I can only shoot with one parent present but as of March 29th I am able to meet families again for photoshoots. If you’re in need of a Lincolnshire newborn lockdown shoot pop me a message or give me a call to chat in more detail.

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