Lincolnshire lockdown Newborn photoshoot

March 13, 2021

A Lincolnshire lockdown Newborn photoshoot, introducing little Annie. I remember this shoot so well, we were still in a national lockdown (but allowed to work indoors by this point). I’d just finished painting our old house and had paint all over my face from an incident with the tin. Long story short, Beth and Josh welcomed my scruffy painting self into their home to document a snapshot of life with their new addition, beautiful Annie.

Adorable big brother Henry was on hand for the laughs (and Paw Patrol chat). He’s just the CUTEST kid. With those beautiful curls and always a cheeky smile up his sleeve. It was such an honour to capture some natural moments of this loving family. If you’d like more information on a Lincolnshire lockdown newborn photoshoot get in touch here.

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