Lincolnshire Lockdown maternity session

March 8, 2021

A Lincolnshire lockdown maternity session with two of my dearest friends ready to embark on their next journey together.

One of the hardest things I’ve talked about with new mums is how this pandemic has made them feel so alone. The appointments, the scans, the NCT classes, the labour, the post birth care, the healing, the new little human you’re now caring for. ALL ALONE. It breaks my heart. Laura mentioned to me how she felt that she’d missed out on so much being pregnant within a global pandemic resulting in a worldwide lockdown. Hardly anyone had seen her beautiful bump (including her mum). I remember being so proud of all of my bumps, walking with my head high showing off my pregnant body I was so in awe of. Imagine being so proud of your body and not being able to share the joy with anyone close to you. With that I immediately suggested a maternity home session inspired by the doorstep portraits I’d seen everywhere on instagram. If Laura couldn’t share physical memories with her loved ones, then i’ll be sure to capture the memories so she can print, share and keep forever.

I shot through the windows and captured the couple and their beautiful cocker spaniel named Oakley. After I’d stood in their garden like a peeping tom I then followed them on a walk up the hill next to their home (equally as creepy to be fair). We didn’t really chat much, even though we remained socially distanced, it was still unknown how the virus spread at this stage. I’m not a hugger but it was really difficult not hugging Laura. I knew the next time i’d be seeing her she’d be cradling a fresh little baba.

I’m so glad that Laura experienced one of the things she thought she’d already missed out on, together with Lewis too. A few weeks after the shoot the couple welcomed beautiful baby Ivy into the world. Five days after Ivy was born, lockdown rules relaxed slightly and we were allowed to mix outdoors. I’ll be blogging Ivy’s garden newborn shoot shortly so keep your eyes peeled. If you’d like to book a Lincolnshire lockdown maternity session with me please do get in touch.

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