Cleethorpes Christmas mini session

March 19, 2021

A Cleethorpes Christmas mini session with a furry addition. Teddy the golden retriever joined his family on their Christmas shoot in Cleethorpes. Unfortunately with high winds on the day we had scheduled we had to seek shelter over the sand bank. The Christmas tree fell down more times than I care to remember (I ordered some heavy duty 12inch steel tent pegs when I got home!)

The sun shone on this gorgeous family, even though winds on the beach reached 30mph, so we did well. I was in absolute heaven for these precious 20 minutes (I’m pretty sure we ran into the 10 minutes overlap I leave between sessions haha). Anyone that knows me knows I live and breathe Goldens. I grew up with them and they always turn my head when i’m out walking or driving the car. They just ALWAYS look happy. Now were in a house thats bigger than a shoe box we’re looking to add a beautiful golden to our tribe and CANNOT wait.

If you’re wanting to book a Cleethorpes Christmas mini session or full session with your pet then please do get in touch. Dogs are my absolute faves and I would LOVE to tell your story!

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