Cleethorpes beach family portrait

March 20, 2021

I just adore this Cleethorpes beach family portrait session. Those that know me or have been shot by me know my love for real life. I’m not really into staged family shots, I’ll direct as little as needed because its natural raw emotion i’m after. You’ll more often than not get me asking for you to sit closer to each other because gaps are my enemy haha. The closer you are, the more you’re interacting.

Abby and Alex have 3 gorgeous boys, close together in age making them super mischievous (how I like my subjects). I loved documenting this beach trip for them. It took big brother Francis about 3.8 seconds to reach the water and get drenched by a wave. It took his twin brothers Flynn and Rafferty less than 3 seconds to fill their mouths full of sand. I was in my element telling this story. I think theres probably more ‘outtakes’ in this session than I normally capture and outtakes are my FAVE!!! So much so that my kitchen toilet is full of my family outtakes from over the years. These are the photographs that bring me the most joy and spark my mind to relive the memories over and over.

If you’d like your story telling in a Cleethorpes beach family portrait session please do get in touch.

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