Brigg Woodland mini session

March 11, 2021

A Brigg woodland mini session for this loving family and their sweet cocker spaniel, Beau. Beautiful Evie was around 3/4 months here. Typically quite a ‘difficult’ time to photograph because they’re starting to want to use their head unaided but aren’t able to sit up yet. But, as I shoot natural moments, any age is the perfect age 🙂

For this age I usually shoot lots of moments of your baby being held, or like Evie’s parents did, bring a moses basket or blanket. Which also proved rather handy when Evie timed the perfect nappy filling moment. Little legend! We had such a lovely session in Broughton woods, which is just 5 minutes from my front door. I also filmed a small video which I will add very soon. I am still very much a novice, and hoping this year to invest in some more kit and really push family videos to add to my story telling.

If you’re interested in this and would like to be guinea pigs to my film practising pop me a message. If you fit the criteria for my portfolio building then it can be added to your session free of charge. Unless by the time you’re reading this I’m a bona fide video extraordinaire then ignore the above and check out the video category in my blog post.

Check out my Brigg woodland mini session below!

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